Gauze Muzzle


When to use: Use gauze to muzzle a pet when conventional muzzles are not available and when procedure or examination warrants restraint.

Considerations: Gauze muzzles are commonly used for examinations and procedures to the eyes, ears, nose and head. Conventional muzzles may prevent access.

Muzzle use and selection is based on the pet disposition. Restraint is not always necessary. Follow your hospital restraint policy and procedures.

Practice this technique under supervision until you are proficient with both calm and aggressive pets.

Procedure: Obtain an adequate length of gauze. Approach the pet from behind. Perform the following rapidly to prevent injury and escalation of aggression.

  1. Form a large loop.
  2. Position around snout.
  3. Tighten onto snout.
  4. Pull behind ears.
  5. Tie behind head.

Cautions: Do not attempt to muzzle an overly aggressive pet. Engage and assist the doctor with such pets.


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